February 5, 2023

Discover the health fund that has already chosen you.

We’re Emergency Services Health. We believe we’re the best private health insurer for emergency services workers, volunteers and their families.

We have no opt-ins, opt-outs and complicated policies. Instead, we focus on easy high-quality cover that can save you money, while you’re saving lives!

We’re more affordable and pay back more than the big for-profit funds like Medibank & Bupa when comparing like for like policies, because we have no shareholders or overseas owners.

Brought to you by Police Health, who have been looking after police since 1935, we’ve had a clean record providing quality, affordable cover. Together we cover more than 64,000 members of the police and emergency services community Australia-wide.

Become part of the Emergency Services Health family, get in touch online or speak to one of our friendly team members and request a comparison today for cover like no other 1300 703 703

For more information please vist: www.eshealth.com.au


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