February 5, 2023

As parts of the UK begin to gradually return to the workplace under Government guidelines, it’s crucial that we all start to think about getting ourselves ready so that we’re in a position to come back fully prepared.

Amongst the top of the priority list is the protection of both you and your teams when returning back to the workplace, wherever that may be.

We understand that there is so much to think about right now but to help with keeping you and your teams safe, let us introduce you to Rapid-10.

A portable sanitising solution that eliminates and protects against several  “enveloped” viruses similar to COVID-19, achieving 99.9-99.99% kill ratio across the testing range

It works to break the chain of infection that we’re naturally exposed to. Simply spray the sanitiser in and around the environment / workspace prior to commencing activity for the ultimate protection and peace of mind.

  • Covers 550sqm
  • Destroys and protects from COVID-19
  • Helps prevent further re-infections
  • Discharged in the form of a light mist
  • Dries within 10 minutes
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior
  • Shoulder strap supports with user application
  • Available in 3ltr, 6ltr, 50ltr and 100ltr units
  • Refill service
  • Natural ingredients are readily biodegradable and have no aquatic toxicity, thus they offer a greener alternative to conventional alcohol products and minimise environmental impact.

Perfect portable protection for working in and around a number environments where footfall is high and frequent

  • Offices
  • Transport vehicles
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Retail & Supermarkets
  • Stadiums, Arenas and Parks
  • Schools, Universities & Colleges
  • Care homes
  • Wedding Venues

For more information, go to www.checkfire.co.uk


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