February 5, 2023

Liquid interface measurement system

Check the amount of liquid gas in real time at any time using a smart electronic device!

Particular gases can be stored as liquids using seamless cylinders able to contain the required high pressure to store gas in a liquid state.

In the case of a liquefied gas state, vaporization and liquefaction takes place continuously.

It is possible to detect the temperature difference at the boundary between the gas and liquid states, and this measured temperature can be converted to show the amount of liquid gas on the display of the device attached to the cylinder surface.

Fire Stop Pad

Specialized product to block heat and flame transfer!

When a fire or heat reaches 140°C or above, the elastic rubber material has the flexibility and elasticity to expand up to about 30 times through the thermal foaming elastomer effect to form a carbonized layer.

It will self-ignite even as flames or heat approach because the blocking layer protects against the blaze. Its particular function is to prevent fire from spreading to other premises.

More information please visit: aegtda.niceentech.kr


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