February 5, 2023

Our goal was to make a safer light attack firefighting platform that also meets brigade needs and we think that we have succeeded.

6 prototype vehicles were constructed and toured Queensland brigades. Comprehensive feedback was received from brigades, collated and made available on our website at www.rfbaq.org/la-prototype . This feedback was then used to produce a further 2 LandCruiser-based light attack fire trucks.

Each truck was fully funded by donations from business and a very generous public and each truck became the property of the individual Rural Fire Brigades they were eventually given to.

The RFBAQ received 16 applications from truckless brigades across Queensland who would like to improve their community defence abilities. The 8 very worthy brigades chosen were Fassio Road RFB, Bilyana RFB, Bowen River RFB, Ogmore RFB, Kunwarara RFB, Coalstoun Lakes RFB, Wetlands RFB, Oman Ama RFB and Bymount RFB.

Be sure to take a close look at the RFBAQ Fusion Cruiser when you attend the 2022 AFAC Conference. General Manager Justin Choveaux will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about this exciting new vehicle.

Feedback forms are available with the vehicle.

Follow the journey at – https://www.facebook.com/lc.la.prototype

For further information or enquiries please email gm@rfbaq.org or call Justin Choveaux on +61 (0) 4 2821 8507

Or visit https://www.rfbaq.org/


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