February 6, 2023

The world is seeing and experiencing unprecedented wildfire seasons due to both changes in our environment and previous land management practices. The wildfire management organizations and power utility companies are adapting to this change and continuing to improve wildfire management practices in the hopes of making wildfires less destructive.

Wildfire operations have come a long way since the days of combatting wildfires with fewer aerial firefighting resources and enabling technologies. Today, there are early warning systems based on precise environmental monitoring and rapid communications. These systems have software that provides automated alerts when certain data points from a sensor reach a threshold; these alerts can then be used by field operations, engineering, supervisory management, including executive teams to make critical decisions at critical times.

This webinar focuses on wildfire management best practices (prevention, preparedness, response, rehabilitation, recovery), monitoring potential for wildfire ignitions, forecasting number and severity of wildfires to best determine where, when and what are the true wildfire threats and what resources will be required to deal with them. We look at how wildfire management professionals identify the critical thresholds with quantifiable data, set the trigger points and call-to-action responses necessary to meet the challenges in advance of wildfires and to be more proactive and less reactive; safer and less expensive. 

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Shawn Bethel: FTS Director of Business Development

With 30 years in wildfire management, few people have more environmental monitoring experience in the industry than Shawn Bethel. 

Shawn has a long and storied history in wildfire management and monitoring. During his 20 years in wildfire operations in British Columbia, he went from being a wildland firefighter and rappelling from helicopters to becoming Manager of the International Development Program for the Province of British Columbia, providing fire management training and consulting services to agencies throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.


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