April 16, 2024

Fueled by the climate crisis, wildland fires are becoming faster, more unpredictable and more devastating. Being able to respond to extreme situations guaranteeing the safety of first responders means more strategic deployments and advanced manoeuvres.

Anticipation is key to win the fire battle. Using technology to forecast ignitions, model and monitor the advance of fronts when they occur, having the knowledge to read fire behaviour, will tell us when and where we will have an open window (a time frame in which weather conditions allow us to enter the fire line). But without the right tools, we won’t be able to respond as fast and as forcefully as this kind of new emergency requires.

Tactical Unit, a multifunctional module designed to face any type of emergency in a Wildland fire

More than a fire truck with great off-road performance, the Tactical Unit module is a revolutionary asset that can be used to design a number of attack strategies adapted to the various scenarios that can occur in a wildland operation.

Designed to transport machinery and tools anywhere no matter how remote, it can carry the Dronster emergency robot, a Heliskid, portable fire pumps, tools, PPE, self-protection equipment and accessories. A custom manufactured module with a wide range of options and configurations to meet all kinds of operational needs. Adaptable to most light trucks available on the market.

The world is facing the wildfires of the 21st century. Are you ready?

For more information please visit: www.vallfirest.com 


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